Jacksonville, FL, USA

Stitch & Loom

Theme Development, Design & Optimization

Stitch & Loom offers handwoven rugs and other woven goods made ethically and sustainably. They partner with skilled weavers who handcraft textiles using sustainable materials and traditional weaving methods.

The challenge

Stitch and Loom were looking for a fresh website look, that was simple to use for its visitors. The concern was the competitor's website had a more modern look and feel with a minimalistic design layout. They were also looking to increase awareness of the skilled artisans they support through elegant page layouts and compelling visual imagery. 

The solution

Stitch & Loom approach us with design mock-ups of the website they envision. We performed a complete redesign of their website to improve the site's aesthetics and further highlight the business vision of helping "Weavers" best showcase their products and share the remarkable stories behind the rugs. The redesign made Stitch & Loom stand out from their competitors and elevated their brand in the online arena.

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