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How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing with Shopify

When we think of social media marketing, normally what comes to mind is Facebook and Instagram ads. But did you know Facebook Messenger gives you an opportunity to market your products and services? This presents an excellent chance for your business to connect with people who are interested in your brand.

According to Statista, on a monthly basis, there are 1.3 billion people using the popular Facebook messaging app. Chances are you and the visitors to your website may already use the app to chat with family and friends.

In this article, I’ll cover ways you can use Messenger to engage your audience, build trust and close more sales.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing is a way to communicate your offerings to your target audience.

In many business cases, the goal is to simply start a messenger conversation and build awareness around your products. To digital marketers, this is considered top of the funnel marketing. That is the act of attracting people through awareness and education thus creating excitement for your products that solve their problems.

Facebook Messenger Link

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There's one notable difference in using Facebook Messenger as compared to other communication channels such as email. In most cases when using these other channels, you're likely to broadcast your message to many people at once.

Messenger, on the other hand, allows for a one on one conversation. And in a place where people are already spending time. When done right, this can be a powerful way to personalize your conversations while building trust. This can lead to long-lasting relationships with customers.

HubSpot conducted 3 experiments and the results are astounding. Messages sent through Facebook Messenger have a higher open rate than email. And people using Messenger are more likely to open your message within their feed.

The study shows an 80% open rate for Messenger messages as compared to 33% for email. That’s a whopping 242% difference. The click-through rate was 13% for Messenger and 2.1% for email. So why not leverage Facebook Messenger and add it to your marketing toolbox to grow your business?

Now, I'm not suggesting replacing your email marketing efforts. There's no disputing that a healthy email list provides a great ROI. In fact, you can use Messenger to drive email signups to engage customers with longer form content.

Why use Facebook Messenger for Marketing?

A survey conducted by Nielsen showed that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message. And 53% of people would rather message than call.1 This will continue to rise as people come to expect to connect with brands by way of messaging apps.

Regardless of age, people would rather send a message over emailing or calling due to its simplicity. This gives you a fast and convenient way to respond to customers requests and questions.

If you use Shopify to power your website, you can integrate Facebook Messenger to your online store with ease. I'll show you how later in this article.

Here are a few reasons to use Facebook Messenger for your business:

  • Send order confirmations and order status updates
  • Send shipping updates
  • Answer questions about your products and services
  • Cross-sell and up-sell your products and services

Also, Messenger can help with:

  • Gaining customers
  • People purchasing your products and services
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer support

How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing

There are a variety of ways to connect with people on Facebook Messenger. Below I’ve listed a few suggestions.

All Facebook Business Pages have access to messaging by means of a Send Message button. By default, this button is already enabled for you.

If for whatever reason it’s not enabled, you can enable messages by:

  1. Clicking Settings at the top right of your business page.
  2. Click Edit next to Messages.

When visitors to your page click the Send Message button, Messenger will open so they can start a conversation with your business.

Messenger Link

Facebook provides you with a short memorizable Messenger Link. By default this link uses your Page username, however, the link is customizable. When someone clicks your link, Messenger will open and start a conversation.

You may have people that inquire about your hours of operation or if a specific product is available. Use your Messenger link to help people find answers to solutions your business can provide.

Here are a few ideas you can use to promote your Facebook Messenger link:

  • Printed materials
  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Email
  • Facebook Business Page

Messenger Code

Facebook also provides you with a Messenger Code that you can use to communicate with people. This QR code works similar to the Messenger Link.

People can use their phone's camera within the Messenger app to start a conversation with your business. This method eliminates the need for the user to have a QR code scanner installed on their device.

Share and promote your Messenger code on:

  • Printed materials
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Your website or blog
  • Email
  • Point of sale signage for brick and mortar locations and pop-up shops

Use your Messenger Link and Code to make it easier for people to find and connect with you.

Facebook Messenger Code

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One note to keep in mine. Once people engage with you on Facebook Messenger, they will be added to your Messenger subscriber list. Once added you can send personal messages to them.

Start a Sales Conversation with Your Facebook Ads Marketing Campaigns

Although this is a topic for deeper discussion, it's worth mentioning here. You can use Facebook targeting options such as Custom and Lookalike Audiences to target people to engage with your business. If you create a campaign using either Traffic, Conversions, or Messages as your ad objective, choose Messenger as the destination. This will allow people to communicate with you through messaging.

Click to Messenger Ads

Use this ad type and choose Messenger as a destination. Your ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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Use Facebook Messenger with Your Shopify Store

If you run your online store using the Shopify platform, you can add a Message Us widget to your website. This will allow your online store to be outfitted with a Send Message button. This button will act as your live chat widget for customer service.

During checkout, customers can opt-in to receive product updates via the Messenger widget on the checkout page.

Note, customers must be logged into Facebook during checkout to see the Messenger widget. Also, customers will need to opt-in with the Messenger widget during checkout to receive order notifications and updates.

To use this feature, install the Facebook Messenger sales channel app within your Shopify admin. Head over to the Shopify Admin:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Sales channels
  • Click Add sales channel button
  • Select Messenger

Once people engage you on Messenger, you can use this marketing channel to continue to send messages to them.

Customers can opt to stop receiving updates in the Order update setting in Messenger. Additionally, you can unsubscribe customers through the Shopify admin Facebook Messenger App.

There are several benefits to adding the Facebook Messenger sales channel to your online store. Customers can opt in to:

  • Receive order and shipping updates
  • Be notified when their order is out for delivery
  • Continue shopping your online store through Messenger
  • Send them an abandoned cart reminder through Messenger?
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These interactions are perfect opportunities to upsell your products and services. Keep in mind that order update notifications have a high open rate.

Manage Your Incoming Messages

As your customers and prospects will expect real-time responses to their messages, there are several ways to send a personalized message.

  • Manual replies
  • Away messages and saved replies
  • Instant replies
  • Live messaging
  • Automation
  • AI

Another nice benefit of using Messenger is the use of Facebook Messenger Bots to automate conversations.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be useful if you are receiving a huge amount of inquiries and requests. Or if you don't have the staffing to monitor this channel.

There are many options for implementing a chatbot. You can hire a developer to build you a custom chatbot solution or subscribe to a service such as ManyChat. Shopify store owners can visit the Shopify App store where you may find a solution for your business.


Using Facebook Messenger as a means to market your products is a great way to connect with your audience. Use Messenger to offer customer service, upsell and cross-sell products, provide order updates and increase brand awareness.

Promote the marketing tools Facebook provides to you to give your audience more ways to connect. Encourage people to use your Messenger link, Messenger Code, Messenger website widget and Facebook Business Page to engage with your business.

1“Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielsen (Facebook-commissioned study of 12,500 people ages 18+ who used a mobile messaging app in the past 30 days in AE, AU, BR, FR, ID, IN, JP, KR, MX, TH, TW, UK, US, and VN), Mar 2016. The study included 1,000 respondents per market except for AE, TW, VN, where the sample size was 500.